Manuscripts: Overview

Imprints: Interplanetary Voyager Press for all things science fiction; Wild Man of the Woods Press for everything else.

Starship Sloane Publishing is interested in pretty much every genre, romance and erotica being notable exceptions and we are categorically disinterested in anything pornographic, gratuitously sexual, profane or violent, utterly revolting, perverted, hateful, politically extreme, virulently agenda driven and so forth — that being said, we are open to the rest of the literary spectrum. The bottom line is this, if your work is high quality and we think it will sell, we will give it all due consideration.

We are a traditional publishing house and are highly selective in which projects we choose to proceed with. We offer the author a standard and ethical book publishing contract. We are not at this time offering advances but we make up for it with a little higher payout in royalties to the author.

We sell our books through all of the major online outlets like Amazon and Barnes & Noble and are constantly scouting new outlets and avenues for book sales, mainstream and otherwise, to build as much market presence and reach as possible.