Starship Sloane News (April 2021)

(vol. 1, no. 1) April 2021

Updates: The Starlight SciFaiku Review

by starshipsloane
The first issue of The Starlight SciFaiku Review is coming along very nicely with contributions from Tom Brinck (of The SciFaiku Manifesto), Pushcart Prize-nominated poet Matt Schumacher, award-winning poet Joshua Gage and many more!(...)

Updates: Submissions

by starshipsloane
Keep the submissions coming! It has been a real joy to review the work coming through the submission portals. The editor actually spun around in his chair with delight as he read a UFO poem recently!  (...) Continue

Updates: The Flying Saucer Poetry Review

by starshipsloane
The first issue of The Flying Saucer Poetry Review is coming along very nicely! The first contributor is Pushcart Prize-nominated poet Matt Schumacher.(...) Continue

Updates: Social Media

by starshipsloane
We are beginning to gain some exposure in social media, on Twitter most notably, as our follower base has grown substantially and some of our promotional tweets have garnered well over 500 impressions apiece. There is a link to our Twitter page at the top of the site. @StarshipSloane is our handle. #UFOpoe is one of the hashtags that we use regularly. Please follow!(...) Continue

Updates: Publisher Lists

by starshipsloane
Starship Sloane Publishing Company, Inc. has been added to No Wasted Ink's list of science fiction publishers and Tweet Your Books'  (the world's largest Twitter book promotion network) list of publishers. As well, it was brought to our attention that the Wikipedia article for SciFaiku now includes Starship Sloane in its list of SciFaiku publications. We are working(...) Continue