The Lotus Tree Literary Review, Autumn 2022 (issue #1)

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28 | A Poem by Katerina Bruno

Editor’s Note: Katerina mentioned to me that she was inspired to write this poem upon learning of the Chronovisor, a time machine of sorts that allows its operator to see into the past. The device is said to be hidden somewhere in the Vatican.

It was purportedly invented by Father Pellegrino Ernetti, a Benedictine monk, scientist and exorcist who had help in building it from a team of scientists that included physicist Enrico Fermi and Wernher von Braun, the Nazi rocket scientist who, along with many others, was brought over to the United States just after WWII via Operation Paperclip, to assist in our Cold War efforts against the USSR and who got us to the moon first with the Apollo missions.

Father Ernetti claimed to have used the Chronovisor to see the crucifixion of Christ. A 2002 book by Father François Brune, a Vatican priest, supports that claim.

Very interesting stuff!

The Jesus Time Machine

privately-funded time machine technology
finally operational
the corporations race back in time
big bucks are at play
elon musk, much to the chagrin of jeff bezos,
transports Jesus to our day
his managed instagram hits 1 billion followers almost overnight
and Jesus has an agent
talk shows, the news, and reality tv show producers
call around the clock
designers want to market
a Jesus line
skincare too
calming drinks for spiritual growth
healthy eco-friendly snacks
Jesus loaves
a recipe book
even cookware, especially for fish
paparazzi climb the wisteria
shimmy up the palm trees
to catch him tanning poolside
his sprawling hollywood mansion
has a blackwater security detail
he pulls his hair into a ponytail
dons wayfarers and a padres baseball cap to go to starbucks for an oat milk latte
his personal trainer wants him to build
washboard abs
he agrees to appear on the cover of the daily pescatarian
the a-listers invite him to their parties and fundraisers
politicians ask him to campaign for them
everyone wants an interview
everyone wants something
everyone wants a photo with him
an autograph on a family bible
everyone wants something
that’s his thing, of course, helping others
but there’s a cold hysteria now
a calculated clawing
it was different in the old eye for an eye hot days
less manipulative
what would Jesus do? t-shirts become all the rage again
hipsters sport crucifix necklaces and tattoos
atheists occupy the sidewalks
impersonators flood social media, stalkers are zip-tied daily
vatican city remains unconvinced, and maybe a little threatened
they are investigating his validity
he would welcome the support of his Apostles
and Mary Magdalene
he walks through the mojave, through death valley to nevada, then back to la
helicopters full of cameras overhead, his security detail keeps the selfie-stick-wielding mobs at bay
it all begins to take a toll
the whirlwind of clawing,
clawing self-interest
prescription medicines flow
his physician is concerned
betty ford rehab beckons
things quickly begin to spiral out of control in his personal life
elon musk stops returning his phone calls
his faith is tested 24/7
he seeks divine council
and he receives it
on a beautiful and sunny california day, his angry Father splits a line from sacramento down to san diego
with la going the way of atlantis
and brings his wayward son home once again

Katerina Bruno

Katerina Bruno’s work can be read in various publications. One of her scifaiku from the debut issue of The Starlight SciFaiku Review was selected for the 2022 SFPA Dwarf Stars Award anthology. A library that is open only at night, serves coffee and has a glass roof for viewing the stars, would be her paradise.