2022 SFPA Dwarf Stars Award Nominations

Starship Sloane Publishing nominated all very short poetry (ten lines or less) published in the debut issues of The Starlight SciFaiku Review and The Flying Saucer Poetry Review for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association (SFPA) 2022 Dwarf Stars Award.

I am very pleased to announce that the poetry of John J. Dunphy, Benicio Isandro, Katerina Bruno, and Joshua St. Claire has been selected by the editors of the 2022 Dwarf Stars Anthology, Adele Gardner and Greer Woodward, for inclusion in the anthology. The membership of the SFPA will then vote on which poem in the anthology receives the 2022 Dwarf Stars Award.

Congratulations to John, Benicio, Katerina, and Joshua!

Yours truly,

Justin T. O’Conor Sloane