Dreadnought SF (ISSN 2993-7302)

Starship Sloane Publishing is happy to announce the launch of its newest literary journal: Dreadnought SF, a webzine of optimistic, greenpunk, ecopunk, and solarpunk science fiction, published irregularly, with digital and print versions planned.

As the name implies, this magazine will be featuring science fiction that provides a more positive vision of the future of human civilization. I sometimes find myself craving dystopian fare, but at times it gets to be a bit much and is simply depressing. I think it’s important to see the possibilities, to celebrate optimism, not just fixate on gloom and doom.

Each issue will contain a mix of poetry, flash fiction, and art, lots of art, with the occasional short story, essay, book review and interview thrown in for good measure.

Check out the submission guidelines.

[image made using Craiyon AI]

Follow the mag on Twitter @DreadnoughtSF.

— The Editor