Dreadnought SF

Starship Sloane Publishing is happy to announce the near launch of its newest magazine: Dreadnought SF, a journal of optimistic, greenpunk, and solarpunk science fiction, published quarterly, online with digital and print versions planned.

As the name implies, this magazine will be featuring science fiction that provides a positive vision of the future of human civilization.

Each issue will contain exactly one science fiction short story of 3,000 to 5,000 words. The magazine will be a paying market, although barely, offering half-a-penny per word and $25 for cover art — enough to buy a nice lunch and a decent cup of coffee to help sustain your writing efforts while adding a publishing credit to your author bio. Affordable advertising space will be made available, rates coming soon. Submission guidelines coming soon, as well.

[image made using Craiyon AI]

Follow the mag on Twitter @DreadnoughtSF.