Dreadnought SF, Summer 2023 (issue #1)

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30. Flash Fiction by the Editor

The Photosynthetics

Art by Nigel Suckling | Tangles


Field Report

report date: 7.13.2023 [quadrant calendar 155919]
outpost location: Earth
services detail: civilization building / discretionary lifeform-evolution-intervention activities
agent type: interdimensional monk
astral glow identifier: 100057
position: operations commander
specialty: exocivilizations
mission status: mixed results / ongoing
clearance level: Trion Council
strategy helix: Edifice of the Cosmic Overarch
pinions: interdimensional harmonics and astral glow potentiation [immediate-primary] / secondary elements of interplanetary, interstellar, and intergalactic spatial exchange anticipated

* * *


Bioengineering of the human race into a photosynthetic species.

Application of this new technology to benefit life and the ecology of planet Earth.

Technology developed and introduced by IM 99998 [unified sciences specialist].

Expected scientific and biological results achieved.

Intended social-economic-political results not achieved.

Astral glow progression of subject species remains an unknown.

Situational fluidity persists.


The plan had been a good one, a seemingly ideal solution to humanity’s problems. Our troubled neighbors never make it easy. This we know well. Our ability to feed passively and exclusively on the background radiation of the universe is an advantage that leverages itself to the achievement of a highly advanced and sustainable civilization. Earthlings do not share in this cosmic fortune.

The consumption of meat by humans had been destroying their planet. It was an ancient violence. Animals lived and died miserably so that humans could satisfy their counterproductive taste for flesh. The energy frequencies that this suffering emitted haunt our dimension still, echoing as phantasms of pain in our sacred thought spheres.

IM 99998, like those who had come before, had wondered why an intelligent lifeform should be required to kill other lifeforms to provide for its own physical survival. It did not have to be this way. Why could humans not be like the trees? Sunlight, their limitless sustenance. A corrective intervention, utilizing an advanced technology was needed to replot the flawed and destructive path that evolution had taken on planet Earth. IM 99998 led the effort to develop the technology to bioengineer humans into photosynthetic organisms needing only sunlight, water, and air to sustain their corporeal being.

IM 99998’s plan would solve the environmental and health problems specifically related to the production, transportation and consumption of meat and processed, prepackaged foodstuffs by humans: obesity, heart disease, hypertension, and cancer; inhumanity to animals; deforestation; greenhouse gases and their effect; food insecurity; depletion of fresh water supplies; plastic manufacturing; hazardous and toxic wastes; pollution of air, soil, and water; the desire for blood meat and the killing mentality that it engenders. And so on. In turn, the spiritual psyche of our own species would be further cleansed in the cessation of the harmful energy frequencies generated when a Level 5 Earth lifeform kills a Level 4 Earth lifeform as a food source. Additionally, humans would need to spend much more time outside, communing with nature in the sunshine, which would help to address many other of their critical issues.

The technology was presented to the newly established humanitarian governments of Earth and eventually accepted for application in the human population. They saw the bright future that awaited. The previous year, the global coalition of multinational corporation-governments had been forcibly removed from power in the only unified effort by the human population recorded in their history.

The genes enabling human photosynthesis were introduced through forced-vaccination programs. This was deemed a necessary albeit brutalist approach. Those who refused, fled into the countryside. They formed rebel groups, hunting and foraging for survival. Their food sources soon depleted, they began hunting one another. Gov-vac patrols took care of the rest. It took less than a decade for the population of Earth to become fully photosynthetic. It brought a buoyant hope. A green hope. The new color of human skin, matching that of the leaves above them and the blades of grass beneath.

IM 99998 observed and recorded, sending reports of the technology’s success in producing a beneficial outcome. For a time, humanity seemed to embrace its newly evolved form and the tranquility that it bestowed.

This was an illusion. The consumer markets of the corporations having been largely destroyed, the creation of a new and monolithic consumer market was devised. But they needed assistance to implement their plan. As in the days of the pre-corporate governments, it was not difficult to corrupt those in power.

Before long, corporations had installed great banks of distortion-field rays around cities and large towns that disrupted the Photosynthetically Active Radiation of sunlight. As people became increasingly ill, artificial sunlight technologies were employed at scale by the corporations in defined market territories at prices that deeply gouged the public coffer and individual Guaranteed Life Credits accounts. People in the countryside and small towns were required to purchase user licenses granting them the right to sun exposure, with a monthly utility subscription rate for unlimited sunlight usage paid to the territorial corporation. Those who refused were fined a hefty percentage of their GLC. The People’s Free Sun Liberation Front formed soon after and began attacking the corporations. Explosions now destroy portions of the banks of distortion-field rays on an almost daily basis, with repairs around the clock. Corporate security forces terrorize the populace as they search for members of the PFSLF with governmental sanction. The opposing factions are becoming increasingly aggressive in their actions. Battles erupt in the streets. Humanity is approaching a tipping point in this conflict. Global unrest is at an all-time high.


Escalating guerrilla warfare will precipitate a second unified global uprising. Those fighting for access to universal free sun should eventually prevail.


This monk is rotating back to dimension in three Earth weeks. My replacement arrived today. This is my final report from the field. Humans are clearly a problematic species, but I can state with certainty that in the long term, our bioengineering efforts will have provided the catalyst for their great awakening. When full astral glow has been achieved by their species, we will prepare them to join us in service to the 3.N.T.1.T.Y.

* * *