24th Annual Critters Readers Poll Results


The results are in:

I am super pleased as we did very well in the 24th Annual Critters Readers Poll:

2nd: The Flying Saucer Poetry Review (magazine/ezine category)!

2nd: cover art (The Flying Saucer Poetry Review in the magazine/ezine cover artwork category)!

2nd: editor (magazine/ezine editors category)!

6th (tie): The Starlight SciFaiku Review (magazine/ezine category)!

Starship Sloane Publishing is not quite yet a year old so that’s a very good showing against some very established outfits.

Thanks to all of you for your marvelous work and thanks for voting in the poll!

See all of the official results at Critters.org.

Probably the very best part of this whole thing for me was to read the wonderful comments that were written by the voters! It was further confirmation that the publications born of the hard work that has gone into following this inspiration to fruition are appreciated — and that means a lot.

Magazine category:

The Flying Saucer Poetry Review

“A fresh new voice on the sci fi poetry landscape.”

“This is a solid NEW journal that’s already making waves in the SpecPo community. Starlight Scifaiku Review is great, too, but I love the breadth of poetry in Flying Saucer Poetry Review.”

“So brave and unique to feature only poems about UFOs!”

“I look forward to more poetry.”

The Starlight SciFaiku Review

“It’s magnificent!!!”

Magazine Editors category:

“A very exciting newcomer!”

“Justin’s editorial vision is necessary for the poetry community. He is working to tear down some walls and undermine some monopolies, and should be championed for that.”

“Justin is so original and dedicated to the literature of sci-fi, that he devoted his energy to publishing a journal featuring only poems about UFOs. What a concept!”

“Great work!!!”

“Amazing work!”

I am super happy to announce that both The Flying Saucer Poetry Review and The Starlight SciFaiku Review have been nominated for best of in the Poetry Magazine/e-zines category of the 24th Annual Critters Readers’ Poll! This is a huge honor and a real vote of confidence in the work we’re doing here at Starship Sloane Publishing.

Additionally, The Flying Saucer Poetry Review has been nominated for best of in the Magazine/e-zine Cover Artwork category! That amazing artwork was of course created by one ultra-talented Ronan Cahill of Scotland.

And finally, some sweet soul out there liked the work I’m doing enough to nominate yours truly for best of in the Magazine/e-zine Editors category! A vote of confidence for which I will be eternally appreciative.

Here’s the link to all of the categories if you’d like to vote: 24th Annual Critters Readers’ Poll.

Yours truly,

Justin T. O’Conor Sloane