SciFaiku Artwork Submission Portal

Attention: This journal is not currently accepting submissions.

Be sure to have read the About and Science Fiction Haiku & Artwork Submission Guidelines page for The Starlight SciFaiku Review to best understand the Geist of this literary journal, what we’re looking for and our requirements.

We accept only science fiction minimalist line art in black & white (think the visual equivalent of SciFaiku) for this literary journal.

SciFaiku Artwork Submission Guidelines

Submission of Unpublished Artwork

We accept submission of your original, unpublished artwork. We are not accepting artwork that has previously appeared in publication or that has already been selected by another publisher to appear in publication. Note: Self-published artwork is fine to submit.

Batch Limit

You may submit up to five images of your artwork. These should be submitted in one batch.

Artwork File Format Guidelines

We will accept JPEG/JPG and PNG files for this type of artwork uploaded through the submission portal. These formats are ideal for presenting artwork on a website without bogging it down and will allow us to produce a quality print version of the online literary journal. No TIFF files, convert them to JPEG or PNG. If you’re unsure how to do this, the following links to Adobe (TIFF to JPEG) and Adobe (TIFF to PNG) provide a good tutorial.

We do not necessarily anticipate encountering file size issues with JPEG — or PNG for this type of artwork, but if one arises we will let you know and work from there.

Please provide a description of the materials used to create your artwork.

Although not required, please include a short artist bio.

We look forward to reviewing your artwork!