Cover Artist | Paulo Sayeg

Paulo Sayeg

I am delighted to once more be able to feature Paulo’s exceptional art on the cover of a Starship Sloane Publishing magazine! Paulo’s art is an exquisite force of nature, expertly spanning genres and styles, with science fiction being one of his personal favorites.

Paulo Sayeg was born in 1960, in São Paulo, Brazil and has been involved with art since a child, learning painting and lithography from his uncle, Alberto Garutti. At 22-years-old, Paulo presented a solo exhibition, the first of many, both domestically and internationally. Paulo continues to live in São Paulo, where he works in illustration, animation, visual programming and advertising.

In 1987, the São Paulo Association of Art Critics (APCA) recognized Paulo with the award for best designer. APCA was established in 1956 and celebrates the best in the Brazilian fields of stage acting, music, literature, film, television, plastic arts, and radio.