Starship Sloane News (September — November 2021)

(vol. 1, no. 6 — 8)

Happy to Announce!

The first issue of The Flying Saucer Poetry Review has been published! It’s the first-ever literary journal devoted exclusively to poetry and art about the UFO phenomenon. The feedback has been extremely encouraging! Have a read, we think you’ll like it!

Pushcart Prize XVLII Nominations

The envelope containing the six nominations for the 2023 Pushcart Prize (XLVII/47th edition) will be dropped in the mail on Monday the 29th, meeting the December 1st postmark requirement for work published in calendar year 2021. We have contacted the nominees. We will release the names of the nominees and their work shortly, both as an update here and as a stand-alone page.

The Internet Speculative Fiction Database

We were really excited to learn that Starship Sloane Publishing Company, Inc. has been listed in the Publisher Directory of the ISFDB! All of our bibliographic publishing activity thus far is archived in the database: the literary journals — The Starlight SciFaiku Review and The Flying Saucer Poetry Review. This publishing venture is really beginning to establish itself and we now share space in the ISFDB with Dr. T. O’Conor Sloane of Amazing Stories — a special accomplishment for the company. Here’s the link.

Twitter and the SFPA

@starshipsloane continues to gain a following and pleased to say that we have established this publishing house to the extent that the SFPA, the Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association recently returned our follow from way back when, no small feat that! So, this adds to our sense that the company is establishing itself and it’s a nice feeling. When a founding vision paired with a shoestring budget and an enormous amount of hard work begins to see some measure of success, one feels really good about it.

Reading about and hearing about the accomplishments of people who have a vision and work their butts off to make it happen is the most inspiring thing in the world to me (other than the really important and obvious stuff like people helping people, etc.). We have just begun this journey and so each step forward in achieving the big picture vision, each accomplishment along the way, provides a real measure of satisfaction and is very motivational.