Picture Book Preview

One of the many exciting projects that we are working on here at Starship Sloane Publishing is the dual-language children’s picture book King of the Condors, which will be published under our imprint, Wild Man of the Woods Press.

This original story is about a child who wanders away from his pueblo during a snowstorm in the Andes of Ecuador, not to be seen again until many years later, riding atop a magnificent condor and bearing gifts of sustenance for the inhabitants of the troubled pueblo.

King of the Condors is written in the style of a traditional folktale and first appeared in the Southern Cross Review (issue 32, 2004), a literary journal published in Argentina.

Bringing this story to life is the utterly exquisite and sumptuous artwork of Stephanie Suter, a splendidly talented and accomplished Swiss-Ecuadorian artist who lives in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Stephanie works in multiple mediums and is deeply immersed in the outrageously vibrant arts and culture of Cuenca, a Spanish Colonial city and UNESCO World Heritage Site with ancient Inca ruins that is called the Athens of the Andes and the City of Cathedrals.

We are absolutely delighted to present a preview of two of the simply stunning works of art by Stephanie that will be adorning the pages of King of the Condors. Enjoy!

Yours truly,

The Editor

Andean thistle flower by Stephanie Suter
Andean condor wing by Stephanie Suter