Starship Sloane Publishing Company, Inc.

Starship Sloane Publishing Company, Inc. is a small, independent, traditional publishing house establishing itself in the literary marketplace.

Our motto says it all: Exploring the Literary Cosmos.TM

Starship Sloane Publishing Company, Inc. is incorporated in the state of Texas and is a privately held corporation that was established January 2021 and is located in the Austin-Round Rock Metro Area.

Justin T. O’Conor Sloane is the founder and editor-in-chief of this publishing venture.

While Starship Sloane obviously has a genuine appreciation for all things science fiction, we are by no means limited to this particular genre. We are interested in the literary spectrum as well as the visual arts (we are especially interested in works of photography, painting, minimalist line art, drawing and sculpture for our various publishing projects).

We publish books, five literary reviews and Worlds of IF magazine, and bestow three prizes, two in literature and one in photography.

We welcome you on this voyage!