2023 Best of the Net Nominations

Starship Sloane has submitted the maximum number of nominations allowed in each category reviewed by BotN, including creative nonfiction, a genre that we hope to acquire more of when The Lotus Tree Literary Review opens for submissions. That said, because CNF lacks rigidly established conventions, we are planning to submit the nonfiction essay by Daniel Pomarède, “Our Place on the Map of the Universe,” in that category and see how it plays out.

Winning entries will be announced near the end of January 2023.

Cheers to these talented folks!

Six poems:

“Skies over Carson Sink” by Joshua Gage

“One Last Perfect Night” by Jill Trade & Joshua St. Claire

“Ghazal at c” by Joshua St. Claire

“Storyline” by Irina Moga

“The Long Space between Spells” by PS Cottier

“Your Man in Space” by John Grey

Two stories (fiction):

“Three Wishes” by Sadie Maskery

“Starship Tales” by David Barber

Two works of CNF:

“Our Place on the Map of the Universe” by Daniel Pomarède

“Like Peanut Butter and Jelly: Sports and Science Fiction” by Kwame Cavil

Three works of art (all appeared as cover art):

untitled by Ronan Cahill, The Flying Saucer Poetry Review, issue #1

Green Guy by Michael Alan Alien, The Space Cadet Science Fiction Review, issue #1

They’re Always Watching Me, No. 17 by Dave Vescio, The Starlight SciFaiku Review, issue #2

— The Editor