Projected Timeline & Development of Publications

While we cannot at this time state the exact timeframe for the rollout of each project being developed by Starship Sloane Publishing, we can, however, provide a tentative overview of our plans so that you get the big picture idea of where we’re heading, stage by stage.

We see the value in sharing this information with you so that you may understand exactly where we stand in the development of this venture so that you do not have any unrealistic expectations of us and of our current capabilities and so that you may track along with us in this process to inform your own submissions schedule — if we’re not yet at the stage that’s right for your work, just check back in with us from time to time and eventually we will be.

Initially, these online literary journals will be nothing fancy, simply webzines that will be developed into increasingly sophisticated online publications, phasing each into a discrete emagazine format and eventually building out to include a world-class print version as we continue to navigate the numerous pathways available to do this, the advantages and potential of each, the requirements, limitations and challenges of each and how to effectively and expertly use each publishing platform, all while operating within the context of tight budgetary constraints. The learning curve has already been significant and the evolution of these literary journals will be exceptional over time. We want to enjoy this process, not burden ourselves with the stress of unreasonable, self-imposed demands that are beyond our current capabilities — so we are starting simply enough and taking a heuristic approach in accomplishing our vision.

Stage 1: Launch The Starlight SciFaiku Review

Stage 2: Launch The Flying Saucer Poetry Review

Stage 3: Launch The Space Cadet Science Fiction Review

Stage 4: Launch The Lotus Tree Literary Review

Stage 5: Launch the PDF versions of the webzines

Stage 6: Launch the printed versions of the webzines w/ omnibuses planned

Stage 7: Launch the ebook publishing operation (all imprints)

We will be open to queries after having published the titles on our existing list.

Stage 8: Launch the print book publishing operation (all imprints)

We will be open to queries after having published the titles on our existing list.

Stage 9: Launch the Dr. T. O’Conor Sloane Prizes in Speculative Fiction and Science Fiction & Fantasy Art

Many details being worked out for this and the other prizes.

Stage 10: Launch the T. O’Conor Sloane III Prize in the Arts and Literature

Stage 11: Launch the T. O’Conor Sloane Jr. Prize in Photography

Stage 12: Launch Dreadnought SF

Stage lucky number 13: Worlds of IF science fiction magazine reboot!

photo courtesy of NASA