SF Artwork Submission Portal

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Please be sure to read the About and Submission Guidelines sections found in the dropdown menu of The Space Cadet Science Fiction Review for complete information regarding this journal and SF artwork submissions.

Science Fiction Artwork

We are looking for for a spectrum of science fiction artwork.

Photos that somehow capture the essence of science fiction in our everyday lives, obscure retro technology seen from odd angles, through dreamy-hazy filters, strangely illuminated, the use of juxtaposition, sunset surrealism and so forth; the objects and landscapes around us that bespeak a science fiction vision of the future. Go absolutely haywire and create tableaux vivants and dioramas!

Paintings, drawings, sculpture and moiré patterns that famously capture the essence, the motifs and themes and the extraordinary visual extravagance of science fiction.

All going very short on the lurid (think no more so than the science fiction and other pulps of the late 1920s through 50s) and very long on breathtaking alien worlds, their skies, the otherworldly colors, alien inhabitants and their daily lives, the cities and landscapes, space travel scenes, spacecraft, space battles, alien and super-futuristic technologies and so on.

Science Fiction Artwork Submission Guidelines

Submission of Unpublished Artwork

We accept submission of your original, unpublished artwork. We are not accepting artwork that has previously appeared in publication or that has already been selected by another publisher to appear in publication. Note: Self-published artwork is fine to submit.

Batch Limit

You may submit a combination of up to four photographs or images of your artwork in total.

These should be submitted in one batch.

[Caveat: If you would like to submit minimalist line art in black & white here, while we will welcome it, you might also consider submitting such work to our literary journal The Starlight SciFaiku Review, where that is the only style of art that we accept (in both JPEG and PNG file formats). For The Space Cadet Science Fiction Review, extraordinarily elaborate, mind-bogglingly detailed, color-rich drawings providing a more complex and vivid representation of the subject are preferred.]

Artwork File Format Guidelines

We will accept only JPEG/JPG files for artwork uploaded through the submission portal. This format is ideal for presenting artwork on a website without bogging it down and will allow us to produce a quality print version (24-bit RGB) of the online literary journal. No TIFF files, convert them to JPEG. If you’re unsure how to do this, the following link to Adobe provides a good tutorial.

We do not anticipate encountering file size issues.

Please provide a description of the materials used to create your artwork.

Although not required, please include a short artist bio.

We look forward to reviewing your artwork!