The Lotus Tree Literary Review, Autumn 2022 (issue #1)

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7 | A Renku by the Poets Thirteen

Quantum Entanglement 

hear our words
and forget Ithaca…
the raider’s dream
-Joshua Gage

his sword’s tip
nudges an anemone
-John J. Dunphy

a polyp retracts
into flowery form
hiding harpoons
-Brian LeBansky

saltwater surges
around decaying driftwood
-Alison Jennings

moonlight gleams—
trees at the start of the sands
have gone a burning brown
-Harris Coverley

smoke from a thousand twinkling fires
dotted with cooking pots that bubble, hiss, groan

morning, blood red
a child lies pale
under early snow
-Lee Garratt

shaking with phantasms
head still filled with the unknown
-Matt Schumacher

newfound desire
careful equilibrium
-Alison Jennings

heart palpitations
enchanted with excitement
-Brian LeBansky

butterflies in my stomach
as she emerges
from the willows
-Amber Winter

wet palms staunch sunbeams
clouds feather – imbibe galaxies
-Carla Stein

flashes on the moon
new tea served to astronauts
superluminal flight
-Wendy Van Camp

horizon—two suns
nuclear summer into winter
-Harris Coverley

white space
in the quantum entanglement
of our awareness
-Irina Moga

opium dreams breed
epicurist infinities
-Carla Stein

wyrd visions of poppy juice
centaur armies rage
through drifts of blossom
-Lee Garratt

wandering through realms of faith
and truth, the midnight hour ends
-Alison Jennings

new phase of matter
time-translation symmetry
forever cycles
-Wendy Van Camp

my marigolds trampled
by a mastodon
-John J. Dunphy

La Belle Dame
dances for him
wearing ferns and moss
-Joshua St. Claire

Adonais, knights wait: fate’s cold
hillsides cryogenic states
-Matthew Schumacher

runes pulled from underneath a stone
looming over
the damp brain of the lake
-Irina Moga

tell of shivering ranks of eunuchs,
skies dark with being
-Lee Garratt

at absolute zero
the rubidium atoms
form a Buddha
-Joshua St. Claire

candle flame snuffs out
awareness unexpectedly returns

a whistling skull—
thought only the wind
until the tune changed
-Harris Coverley

rattling of chains
from inside the dusty attic
-Amber Winter

meteoroids falling
from the deciduous-eyed
moon’s white lashes
-Matt Schumacher

the region, the soil, the clime
perfumed with smoke and sulfur
-Joshua Gage

in temperate rainforests
orange leaved plants
producing ambergris
-Brian LeBansky

carefully harvested by whales
carrying jewels on their backs

as they glide through
seagates of the depth
fanning out melodic tones
-Irina Moga

their jubilance understood
by the universe at large
-Wendy Van Camp

petals beckon stars
pollen dusts bees, ants
wasps dance on fallen wombs
-Carla Stein

army’s quest for a new Queen
Venus shines the brightest
-Amber Winter

[This renku was started on 5/1/22 and completed on 8/24/22, via email.]

Editor’s Note: Thank you, poets extraordinaire, for this work of orotund and overflowing poetic fervor!