Starship Sloane News: Updates

Starship Sloane Publishing will be adding updates here from time to time in reverse chronological order. This will replace putting together the Starship Sloane News, which was produced only sporadically anyway. Communication will still only appear here in sporadic bursts, but perhaps more often than the previous iteration as this provides an even more streamlined approach. The headings will create a quick-reference Table of Contents.

4/12/2023: Poetry by Juan Manuel Peréz Set as Speculative Choral Opera by the University of San Diego

The poem “Amnesia, Old As Time,” from “Five Sitchin Quatrains, Part IV” by Juan Manuel Peréz, published in The Flying Saucer Poetry Review, Winter 2023 (issue #2), has been set as a speculative choral opera by the University of San Diego Choral Scholars! The name of the production is After the Flood: A SciFi Choral Opera.

It’s pretty amazing what can happen when one sends their creative work out into the world!