Dreadnought SF, Summer 2023 (issue #1)

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27. Poetry by Katerina Bruno

Future Cities

[themed scifaiku]

future cities
sparkle bright
glaciers still do, too

future cities
vacuum bots
dodge taxis

future cities
social wellness
bot patrols

future cities
prevents slip and fall

future cities
bots carry groceries
up flights of stairs

future cities
bots cross streets with the very
old and infirm

future cities
coffee on the patio, hold the
noise and pollution

future cities
police bots programmed for

future cities
crime is forgotten
doors left unlocked

Art by Paulo Sayeg | Pédevalsa

future cities
landing spots for foo fighters
not like the old days

Art by Dave Vescio | They’re Always Watching Me, No. 37

Katerina Bruno

Katerina Bruno’s work can be read in various publications. One of her scifaiku from the debut issue of The Starlight SciFaiku Review was selected for the 2022 SFPA Dwarf Stars Award anthology. A library that is open only at night, serves coffee and has a glass roof for viewing the stars, would be her paradise.