Dreadnought SF, Summer 2023 (issue #1)

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14. Poetry by Dan Brown

Art by Paulo Sayeg | Lea

Up to Us

Leibniz wrote this is the best of all possible worlds
Who could disagree?
Not those who want to populate the world with their girl.
Love makes the world go round
What better world can there be
Than one filled with love.

Einstein said World War IV
Will be fought with sticks and stones.
Because madmen plot destruction with hi-tech weapons they do not understand
What if we took back the world
From the fools in charge?
Remake it in our image,
The image of God;
Infinite love.
Children can be children again
Unencumbered by the oppressive weight
Of the adult world
Adults could focus on raising the future
Rather than trying to commoditize the present
Sound bites and bumper stickers
Inundate a world
Bereft of logic and love
Time and money will run out
Love will endure
When no soul is left
Love remains
We are commanded to love our neighbor as ourself
So we must return to the beginning
Learn to love ourselves
Then we can love our neighbor.
We are commanded to love those who persecute us.
But when we start loving ourselves again, first
There will be no more persecution.
Think on this.
The world cannot be populated with hate.
Even the most unwanted child was created from desire
From love.
In fact, all creation is from the mind
When we choose to choose love
To create a world of love
We find, in the end, it is easy to do.
Man creates what he desires
When he desires a world full of love and compassion
He will find that the world is indeed filled with love and compassion.

Burt Bacharach sang:
“What the world needs now, is love, sweet love”
What the world needs now is to embrace the love
Already here in the world.
Then the future will be a world full of love.

Dan Brown

Dan Brown is the author of a poetry chapbook, a short story, two novels and ghost wrote an op-ed article for two prominent Washington State politicians. He is currently taking offers on the novels. Dan did not write The Da Vinci Code, but he has thought about timing a run for office to the release of a new novel in order to capitalize on the name recognition. When not writing novels, chapbooks or poetry, Dan is engaged in a variety of legal matters in the maritime industry as well as studying for the Bar exam. Work has appeared in The Starlight SciFaiku ReviewThe Flying Saucer Poetry Review, and The Space Cadet Science Fiction Review.