The Space Cadet Science Fiction Review, Spring 2022 (issue #1)

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Pg. 41

Poetry by Richard Stevenson

Atmospheric Jellyfish | Carla Stein

Atmospheric Jellyfish

NASA calls them
Atmospheric Jellyfish –
space debris reflecting
off the northern lights is all.
Good creature F/X though!

I dunno
but I’ve been told NASA’s
told stories before.
Covered recovered saucers and such
down in Roswell, New Mexico.

Maybe aliens
are showing cosmic slides
to the neighbours, eh?
Ever think about that?
Could be a cosmic light show!

“Atmospheric Jellyfish!”
Better ‘n’ knockin’ noggins
on Zoom with Covid-weary friends.
Don’t need to tune in! Just look!
Look up! Look way up!

Captain Kangaroo would approve!
No strings! No puppeteer!
No Rusty or Jerome
hand cramps, crusty dialogue –
just jellyfish cruisin’ the cosmos.

Hey, maybe they eat space debris!
Wouldn’t that be cool?!
Space jellyfish janitors
cleanin’ up our mess! Who’da
guessed ‘er, Chester? Who’da guessed?

Editor’s Note: This poem was originally published in the debut issue of The Flying Saucer Poetry Review. I just had to reprint it to go along with Carla’s wonderful new illustration, which also works very nicely for Richard’s delightful new poem on the page after next, “Atmospheric Beasts,” with its “sky jellyfish!”