The Space Cadet Science Fiction Review, Spring 2022 (issue #1)

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Pg. 71

Poetry by Dan Brown

Intergalactic Planetary: Part Deux

Man uses his creative faculty to explore the vast reaches of his imagination.
He wants to think that we are not alone in this present, visible paradigm universe,
that we are not but an insignificant afterthought, yet,
despite this feeling of insignificance he also wants to think that others
from across the universe want to visit us, as though we are important enough to visit.
Even so,
the ones whom the travelers from outer space want to visit
would have been civilizations of long ago
disappeared and unremembered.
The speed of light goes both ways.
We search through space, imposing patterns
to comfort ourselves that there is a uniformity, to blindly believe that the universe is orderly
we fool ourselves,
for every supernova there are a thousand black holes.

Dan Brown

Dan Brown is the author of a poetry chapbook, a short story, two novels and ghost wrote an op-ed article for two prominent Washington State politicians. He is currently taking offers on the novels. Dan did not write The Da Vinci Code, but he has thought about timing a run for office to the release of a new novel in order to capitalize on the name recognition. When not writing novels, chapbooks or poetry, Dan is engaged in a variety of legal matters in the maritime industry as well as studying for the Bar exam. Work has appeared in The Starlight SciFaiku Review and The Flying Saucer Poetry Review.

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