The Space Cadet Science Fiction Review, Spring 2022 (issue #1)

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Pg. 70

Poetry by Arden Hunter

Starship Sensibilities

the morals of the future state we should not interfere
no guidance hindrance aid or arbitration for those souls
races come and go and should grow only if they’re able
and if they fail and fade away that fading was their own

do not leave a footprint leave no trace of your bright passage
do not stop the fire raging through the village homes
do not save the child who never knew that you were watching
don’t connect reject reflect content with what you know

who are you to answer when they whisper to the heavens?
strangers flying starships as they ride a horse and roam
only those with power fit to raise them from their ashes
gods could be benevolent make miracles and go

bend the rules to breaking when it suits when it seems righteous
make sure you can face yourself on dark nights all alone
do not face the truth of your most ugly contradiction
as you were lost they must lose too must struggle sink atone

starship sensibilities evolved beyond the breaking
future’s future’s moralistic guides upon the throne
worship the directives if it pleases if it’s pleasant
and let delusions fly that space will never make us cold

Arden Hunter

Arden Hunter is an ND aroace agender writer, artist and performer. With an eclectic range of interests from the horrific to the whimsical, the theme tying all of their work together is an inexplicable and unconditional love of the ridiculous beast that is called ‘human.’ Arden has three books out this year: Pull Yourself Together, a collection of poetry through Alien Buddha Press, Drifting Bottles, an erasure/collage/narrative hybrid through Gutslut Press, and Stop Fidgeting, a vispo/concrete/ekphrasis collection through Perth Underground Press. They also run a free online generative writing workshop and poetry reading every weekend and anyone is welcome to join. Find them on Twitter @hunterarden and Instagram @thegardenofarden.