The Flying Saucer Poetry Review, Winter 2023 (issue #2)

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39 | Poetry by Jordan Lawson, Professional Actor & Musician

The Other Side of Everything

To all those who automatically materialize on entering the vibratory rate of this world’s dense matter. Though your mission is peaceful, I strongly urge you never to contemplate settling here. Stay within the region of the astral plane; the plane which corresponds to the Loka.

* * *

At 3:11am, I heard the rider’s alarm coming from the guarded lot of systemic organized fashion

I followed the celestial signs toward the highway, where Tao’s Hum could be heard over an obelisk of unparalleled and unbounded frequency

I ask where the sun goes when there’s no light on earth to be found, and how your moon near Zeta circles back and then around

I wait for the sound of your message that arrives in dramatic orchestral display, I call for you with crop circle tones and you answer, you call, I answer, and give your message.

“The entirety of the human species seems to be caught in an uninventive yet intentional recurrence of its own reflection. A loop of up, down, then back and forth has slowly been wearing on an innervated and perpetually weakening thread. This type of direction does not lead to any healthy form of enlightenment, and like many others, humans feel less at home while walking through such a timeworn palace full of nothing more than accelerated entropy. Deep coherent thought sequencing with an advanced form of interstellar meditative travel may be needed to escape what human beings have tainted since the invention of what is indeed an illusion of time.”

From the beginning stages of the nelumbo nucifera that sank to unmeasurable depths in order to fulfill its destiny in hiding the origins of our planet’s existence

Wild and slow moving, but evolutionary sound, it represents our longevity in more ways than any type of Eukaryote or domain of life as we know it to be could display

The phylogenetic tree of life is merely a branch of their idea, and all its living clay will rest in the shadows of the great and unbounded cosmic creation they helped build

Though, at times I feel like a solo navigator, divested and drifting through a never-ending wilderness

I am reminded of an eternal omnipresence leading me toward an unencumbered position near your delta configuration

When the longing nocturnal subject regains tetrachromat friends and lighter wavelength lovers, there is only a sublime appointment status that travels throughout the divine dance of always

Like rose peddles saturating Ursa Major, when you appear in the sky, I then experience a metamorphosis into where I’ve always wanted to reside

You show me fleeting glimpses of your planet’s sun warriors near her satellite tierra beyond the morning star

Locked, loaded, and moving in the only direction that matters using your Alcubierre warp method, we reach an ultimate celestial dwelling after four hundred sixty parsecs

The indication of victorious purity surrounds the other side of everything, and with gentle deliverance, you bring this new bodied self to life

Now floating around in a timeless fashion, my existence is embedded on an unfamiliar HD-Exo

The veil once lifted from my terrestrial eyes brings a colloid of absolute eternal elation while on in your world

I then take my first steps into forever

Jordan Lawson

Jordan Lawson has been a writer of poetry and nonfiction esoteric material for a number of years. He is currently working on his debut book entitled Recondite Journals: My Year of Illumination, which covers various undertows of life, and his many extramundane experiences during the year of 2021. Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, Jordan began his journey of self-expression through acting in local theatre during his stay in New York, and continued onward with various film and television appearances in Los Angeles where he currently resides.