The Flying Saucer Poetry Review, Winter 2023 (issue #2)

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40 | Poetry by Brian LeBansky, Co-discoverer of a Purple Acid Phosphatase & Pushcart Prize Nominee

Phased Out

mischievous miscreants
found a flame thrower
from a Hollywood movie
beaded down on a nearby UFO
but alas, the phosphorus flame
went right through the saucer
it had phased out
to a parallel dimension

Flamethrower versus Saucer

(a SciFaiku sequence)

Air Force sure tried hard
order was fire at will
Roswell crashed itself

flame thrower is a
ranged incendiary thing
Byzantine weapon

once upon a time
flamethrower killed Manson’s clan
let’s try the saucer

saucer reported
on the wing of a tri-plane
gives high mass flow rate

the Gray’s big problem
Can you pass through solid things?
time when its absent

shifting dimensions
solves the problem at hand now
silly Earth men fail

Brian LeBansky

Brian LeBansky teaches high school science and enjoys playing music and writing songs. He has written fan fiction for his YouTube channel and wrote some poetry while in college, but lately haiku and scifaiku have been keeping him busy and entertained. While a doctoral student at Texas A&M University, Brian separated a protein (purple acid phosphatase) from the other 42 million proteins in the cell, chemically characterized it, and published the results [click the author link for the science journal in which the paper was published]. Brian’s work has appeared in The Starlight SciFaiku Review, The Flying Saucer Poetry Review,The Space Cadet Science Fiction Review, and The Lotus Tree Literary Review.

Editor’s Note: Recently, Brian and the other twelve members of the Poets Thirteen were nominated for the Pushcart Prize by this publishing house for their renku, “Quantum Entanglement,” which appeared in the debut issue of The Lotus Tree Literary Review.