The Starlight SciFaiku Review, Summer 2021 (issue #1)

Page 15 — John J. Dunphy

Museum of Ancient Technology

Museum of Ancient Technology
tour guide demonstrates
an internal combustion engine

time tunnel
my wristwatch becomes
a sundial

camping trip
to examine the springwater
for impurities
I set my electronic eye
to ‘microscope’

The Tempest
alien actor plays Caliban
without makeup

shopping for
new electronic hands
my attention caught
by the model giving me
both thumbs-up

Day of the Dead
I converse with
my late father’s hologram
now programmed
to be cognizant

colonists’ spacecraft
on its observation deck
a couple and their child
weep while watching Earth
recede into nothingness

John J. Dunphy

John is proud of the fact that he is one of scifaiku’s earliest poets. In other words, he’s both talented and old. Published collections of his scifaiku work include Stellar Possibilities, Dark Nebulae and pagan rites. He runs The Second Reading Book Shop in Alton, Illinois, USA.