The Starlight SciFaiku Review, Summer 2021 (issue #1)

Page 24 — Dan Brown

Brown’s Martian goes home

Brown’s Martian goes home
Leaves me alone in my room
Frees the mind to create

Asimov is dead
ABC to Trilogy
I take up my pen

Deal me another Card
The end of the game is near
Boycotts start again

Ancient aliens, sure
People will believe anything
Bow my head to pray

Dick in the high castle
Man the battle stations
Terminator awaits

Dan Brown

Dan is the author of a poetry chapbook, a short story, two novels and ghost wrote an op-ed article for two prominent Washington State politicians. He is currently taking offers on the novels. Dan did not write The Da Vinci Code, but he has thought about timing a run for office to the release of a new novel in order to capitalize on the name recognition. When not writing novels, chapbooks or poetry, Dan is engaged in a variety of legal matters in the maritime industry as well as studying for the Bar exam.