The Flying Saucer Poetry Review, Fall 2021 (issue #1)

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Pg. 31 — PASSPORT TO MAGONIA by Joshua St. Claire

Today’s skies are haunted by ghosts of steel.
In the clouds their reflections are dancing.
Spin and reel—a wheel within a wheel—
Rainbows disappear while our eyes are glancing.

The allied air forces were advancing
In the fall of 1944. Reeling
Foo fighters played with the pilots—dancing
Ghosts of fire haunting these planes of steel.

Over Nuremberg the light of dawn revealed
Two great arcs, rods, and crosses lancing
Each other with glowing spheres which defeated, fell,
In fiery clouds of smoke, their flames still dancing.

The spinning of the sunbright wheel entrancing
All who saw that god-palace shine, the wheels
of the vimana render lightning dancing
To make the spinning vision of it real.

The Otherworld might be something we can feel.
It shows us what it wants us to see, chancing
Nothing. At each encounter, we steal
Rainbow shadows while our eyes are glancing.

Vallée was right. The fairies are dancing
In the clouds of Magonia. What is real,
We cannot tell. We only see what is glancing
At the edge of our perception where we’ll
Be haunted by… what exactly?