The Flying Saucer Poetry Review, Fall 2021 (issue #1)

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Pg. 6 — Origin Story

Interestingly enough, I’ve never seen a UFO, although I did once see a strange object hovering over a desolate military base in Nevada, part of the much-hyped Area 51 as it turns out (I didn’t realize that at the time, thinking we were already well past it), right across from what I believe is Groom Lake — but it was probably just a helicopter seen from a great distance. However, I am not one to dismiss such things offhand. The reason being that although I have not encountered such things, it does not mean that they do not exist. For example, I had once been a fervent skeptic concerning the existence of ghosts and paranormal phenomena until experiencing the most hair-raising, blood-chilling night of my life house sitting at a stupendously haunted house in the Seattle area (after that night, I only went there during the day to quickly check on things, and later upon inquiring about the house, learned of the numerous and genuinely disturbing paranormal occurrences that had been taking place there for a very long time).

That experience changed my thinking about such things utterly and profoundly. Years before, I’d had an inexplicable experience with some sort of ball of energy that went right through my chest late one night as I sat reading and simultaneously sent the digital clock flashing and the radio to static, it was over in an instant and more of a surprise than anything else — it did not change my thinking about things much, chalking it up to some sort of atmospheric discharge of electricity, although it did pique my curiosity. Many years after the house-sitting experience, now married, my wife and I experienced low-level poltergeist activity in an apartment in Seattle’s University District, an occasional knocking at the bathroom door that we were amazed to discover had nothing to do with one or the other of us physically, and which we came to attribute to the colicky baby in the apartment next door — which was very much in keeping with the literature I had read to educate myself on various paranormal activities after the haunted house incident. The latter experience simply expanded my realization that there are very strange and mysterious things at play in this world, things that we have no fathom of. One of those being UFOs.