The Flying Saucer Poetry Review, Fall 2021 (issue #1)

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Pg. 7 — Origin Story

There is a school of thought that believes the UFO phenomenon to be of a paranormal or even spiritual nature. Perhaps that is so. I do not pretend to know if there is a connection or not but there certainly could be, when energies and landscapes of the mind mix, a strange brew of possibilities comes into existence.

[Old friend and contributor to this journal, Matt Schumacher, has been a longtime recreational ghost hunter, purposely(!) staying in places known to be haunted. Some of this was done to write one of his books of poetry — still, though, not my cup of ectoplasm.]

Anyway, it would seem that in this country the rolling eyes have recently become riveted in place with the perfectly extraordinary article in The New York Times reporting on Luis Elizondo and the ongoing government investigation into UFOs, and the US Navy videos and their statement that UFOs (rebranded as UAP) are real and of unknown origin. Publicly, the governments of various societies around the world have taken the UFO phenomenon seriously for a very long time now — we seem to finally be following suit.