The Flying Saucer Poetry Review, Fall 2021 (issue #1)

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Pg. 55 — HOW LIKE GODS by Dan Brown

From Ancient times recorded in the biblical writings
Stories of anomalies abound
Strange sightings and grotesque creatures
Couched in vague definition-less terms
Enough so that doubts are sowed
Interpretations advanced
Some clever and genuine
Others with no chance
at success
Open your eyes and minds
prepare yourself for a new paradigm
sweet dreams and flying machines abound
throughout the Vedic hymns
Thousands of years before man dared to dream of flight
Unbelievable but true
This concept of human flight
Even doubted by Bishop Wright
two decades before his boys’ famous flight.
Throughout this new era of manned air travel
Sightings abound with similarities to aircraft then found
plying through the skies
Sightings of UFOs described as looking like dirigibles
Flying cigars
Winged craft
Weird and wild things
Spewing strange exhausts
Emitting no sounds
Accompanied by anomalies on the ground
Lost time
Warped time
Little Green Men
The list goes on
Ad Infinitum
Dark side of the moon
out of radio contact with mission control
The unmistakable sound of voices
coming from the speakers
Mysteries abound
seeking the truth at depths too bottomless to follow
In the earnest pursuit of UFO truth
We may never know
If the answer uncovered
is true.
For how can you find truth when it is possible
that everything studied and researched is itself
a lie?
In fact
there may be no truth about UFOs
No solid, incontrovertible fact
on which to peg the foundation of an answer?
Disinformation far exceeds information
Far outpaces one’s ability to even recognize it for a lie
Every lie has some truth
Even lies are based on facts to some extent
The truth about UFOs will be found when we can first answer
Cui bono?
That answer will be found by following the money
Only then will we know.
Until then
Everything else is delusion
We delude ourselves
looking for answers with false clues
We think that what we see, read and think about UFOs is true
when it is all propaganda
Spewed by disinformation agents
Of alphabet agencies
and other agencies with no publicly recognizable name.
Still certain people continue to believe.
What to do about the True Believer?
The ones who cannot be deterred from their sincerity?
They are the ones who should be praised
not ridiculed.
Their sincerity is their saving grace
Their salvation
A sighting or event is the point at which their lives
took on meaning bigger than themselves
and perhaps for others as well.
For these people
The idea that it could all be a massive lie
That is could all just be covering up something nefarious
or benign
That idea does not fit into their paradigm.
So go back now to the Vedic hymns
ask yourself
Are the flying machines just the start of a grand lie
or are they expressing something that was real
Out in the open
these flying machines
of the battling gods,
now hidden from view thousands of years on
because the tech has been rediscovered and advanced.
If that is the case, that the tech has been advanced
and this tech was of the ancient gods
the question becomes
since we have advanced the tech of the gods
are we then not ourselves gods?