The Starlight SciFaiku Review, Summer 2022 (issue #2)

18 | Tentacular Genes by Brian LeBansky

two compounds collide
electron uncertainty
stellar reaction

tentacular genes
turned off by methylation
born with hands and feet

palmate touching now
corpuscular signals sent
two species in love

DNA storage
thirsty mascot licks the tube
generations lost

scaled reptilian
eye begins to open wide
you will be its lunch

Brian LeBansky

Brian teaches high school science and enjoys playing music and writing songs. He has written fan fiction for his YouTube channel and wrote some poetry while in college, but lately haiku and scifaiku have been keeping him busy and entertained. While a doctoral student at Texas A&M University, Brian separated a protein (acid phosphatase) from the other 42 million proteins in the cell, chemically characterized it, and published the results. Click the author link for the science journal in which the paper was published. Brian’s poetry has appeared in the debut issues of The Starlight SciFaiku ReviewThe Flying Saucer Poetry Review and The Space Cadet Science Fiction Review.