The Starlight SciFaiku Review, Summer 2022 (issue #2)

32 | That’s a Wrap

Thank you for being here. You are greatly appreciated, and I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed reading this literary magazine.

In correspondence with Zdravka recently, I wrote that I was feeling like the world was so crazy right now that it was something that only art and literature could embrace. I hope that this magazine provides some added measure of inspired purpose to you — no matter how miniscule that measure might be — in a sometimes-nonsensical world. The cultivation and presentation of creative inspiration is much needed in our tormented and chaotic times. The arts are a purpose: a noble one, a reassuring one, a focusing one, and a calming one. The creation of art is perhaps our greatest redeeming quality as a species — and one of our oldest and most vibrant. The inspirational tranquility of the arts is an ambrosia for the soul, a fragrant nectar flowing from the vivid flowering of the human imagination, and a sweet and golden mead for the troubled psyche in a seemingly runaway world.

Safe travels children of the stars.


Yours truly,

The Editor

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