The Starlight SciFaiku Review, Summer 2022 (issue #2)

5 | Editor’s Introduction

Welcome to the second issue of this literary journal. Time flies when you’re having fun and it has now been almost a year since the publication of the debut issue of this magazine. Many wonderful developments for this publishing house and its immensely talented contributors have occurred along the way — all of which benefits all of us: the beloved readers, the writers, the artists, the voice of the very small and very independent press, the genres of science fiction and fantasy, and the literary community as a whole. So much inspiring work to do and not enough time in the day — or night — to do it in. So, while we have fallen behind our originally envisioned publishing schedule, we’ll get there eventually (Duotrope recently expressed some concern at this and perhaps that served as additional motivation to get this issue published sooner rather than later). However, a robust combination of sustainability and longevity is my number one objective for this venture, not speed of production. Already, I have seen literary concerns come and go, their vacuum quickly filled by the letterhead of a new set of dreams. While I like not the sometimes-fleeting manifestation of those dreams, I celebrate their illuminating capacity — no matter how brief — and in spirit, I support the next dreamer. We have to stick around for a while to be able to achieve the vision, and once there, to further that vision by building upon it. To do that though, the venture itself has to be sustainable, which I think that this is. Additionally, my enthusiasm for SciFaiku is greater than ever, so, the inspiration, the rocket fuel, is there and it’s in plentiful supply.

I recently recovered from COVID. It reminded me that nothing is guaranteed and that nothing should be taken for granted. In the process, this literary venture passed a critical test for me, a litmus test of sorts, namely, that even while feeling really lousy, I still felt inspired by this creative work. The expansive sense of fulfillment that we gain from reading, writing, and art — and sharing it all with the world — is a very special gift indeed. Joyously and profoundly so. I consider this to be meaningful and important work. I’m sure you do as well.

The work in this magazine is beautiful. The imaginations that created this work are also beautiful. I am honored to publish such beauty. I am also honored that many of this magazine’s contributors have seen fit to entrust this editor and this publishing house with their work — from day one, in some cases. Thank you to all of the contributors and to all of the readers, both new and returning.

In the debut issue of this magazine, I delved pretty extensively into its origin story and my love of science fiction. Check it out if you are so inclined, but for this issue I’m keeping my intro comparatively short and sweet.

Acknowledgements & Considerations

Thank you, Dave Vescio, for honoring this publication with such splendid cover art. It is dark, intriguing, and exceptionally beautiful work. I’m still experiencing somewhat of a disconnect in reconciling the Dave who I have seen play a villain so remarkably well in the movies, with the Dave who is not only such a talented visual artist in real life, but also such a genuinely pleasant and responsive professional to collaborate creatively with.

Thank you, Carla Stein, for the wonderful back cover art and the super can-do attitude when asked on short notice if creating a work of b&w line art for this issue would be feasible or even of interest. This is the second time that Carla’s work has appeared in one of our publications and I hope to see much more of it.

Different design approaches are considered when putting together each new issue of the lit mags. This time around, a full width, no sidebar page view was used. Is it more immersive? Possibly. Aesthetically pleasing? I think so. But I really do like that sidebar.

In titling the batches of SciFaiku in this issue, I used whichever line stood out most to me.

As always, all work is presented in the order in which it was received — if accepted for publication.

Special Recognition

Congratulations to Wendy Van Camp who was recently appointed Poet Laureate of the City of Anaheim, California! Wendy is a talented and dedicated poet who genuinely deserves this honor and is already making Anaheim proud — I heartily applaud their choice. I can’t say enough about Wendy, and I am very happy for her. The voice of science fiction poetry also just got a little stronger as Wendy is devoted to the genre. As well, this publishing house nominated Wendy for a Pushcart Prize a while back. Way to go, Wendy!

Congratulations to John J. Dunphy, Benicio Isandro, Katerina Bruno, and Joshua St. Claire for having their work selected for inclusion in the SFPA 2022 Dwarf Stars anthology by editors Adele Gardner and Greer Woodward! These talented poets now have the chance to win the SFPA 2022 Dwarf Stars Award, as voted upon by the membership of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association. This publishing house had nominated all very, very short poetry (10 lines or less) that had appeared in its literary magazines. I was so very pleased when Adele and Greer informed me that the work of these poets had been selected for the anthology. All of the work selected had appeared in the debut issue of The Starlight SciFaiku Review. I sincerely hope that one of these poets wins the award!

A Quick Aside: It’s a Small World, After All

I had one of those small world moments the other day when Jerome Berglund submitted poetry to this journal. It turns out that I have seen every single one of the major motion pictures that Jerome has worked on — yet I had no idea that I was seeing his work. It was a bit surreal and very cool to be able to connect the work, with the artist. You can check out Jerome’s filmography on IMDb.


Dear reader, enjoy this gift of art and literature, it is a labor of love from all involved. Each piece will transport you to its own world, if only for a few seconds, with return trips encouraged. In these digital pages, you will find the exciting work of electrical imaginations. Bon voyage!

Yours truly,


Justin T. O’Conor Sloane


The Starlight SciFaiku Review

June 30, 2022