The Starlight SciFaiku Review, Spring 2023 (issue #3)

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13. Poetry by Wendy Van Camp

Cosmological Speed

an astropoetry scifaiku sequence

special relativity
why speed effects time and space
an inferred tempo

bright toward the motion
we count all the galaxies
sun velocity

bluer and brighter
at fraction the speed of light
we sail toward the warmth

unimportant observers
count the stars in the heavens
manifesting proof

Ode to James Webb

an astropoetry scifaiku sequence

Webb’s place in orbit
fire station-keeping thrusters
second lagrane point

seek heat signatures
mid-infrared instrument
an eye to cosmos

wait for the cool down
MIRI peers through thick dust
at stars and planets

spectrascopic tools
see beyond Magellanic clouds
through obscuring dust

hot blooded young stars
not yet free of natel clouds
are revealed at play

Wendy Van Camp

Wendy Van Camp is the Poet Laureate for the City of Anaheim, California. Her work is influenced by cutting edge technology, astronomy, and daydreams. A graduate of the Ad Astra Speculative Fiction Workshop, Wendy is a nominated finalist for the Elgin Award, for a Pushcart Prize, and for a Dwarf Stars Award. Her poems, stories, and articles have appeared in: Starlight Scifaiku Review, The Junction, Quantum Visions, and other literary journals. She is the poet and illustrator of The Planets: a scifaiku poetry collection and editor of the annual anthologies Eccentric Orbits: An Anthology of Science Fiction Poetry and Anaheim Poetry Review.