The Starlight SciFaiku Review, Spring 2023 (issue #3)

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61. Poetry by H. Russell Smith

Divide by zero & other poems

Divide by zero
Red button coding typo
Oops! Big mushroom cloud

Spaceships and robots
More fun in books and movies
Whir, clank, long flight home

Radio pulses
Fourier reveals nothing
Weak carrier gone

Nonlinear time
Parallel universes
Ft. Collins objects

Lamplit farmhouses
Eighty-year-old receiver
St. Elmo’s saucer

Robot brain danger
Mechanical protector
AI shopping ads

Vending machine lunch
Yes, no, never maybe so
Boolean girlfriend

Red alert in space
Madman schemes, dreams, curses death
Volcano hideout

Time traveling man
Interrupted disaster
Fate bends for no one

H. Russell Smith

H. Russell Smith, a Cherokee citizen, lives near Joplin, MO. He loves Ham Radio, chile peppers, UFOs, and the unexplainable. Rusty is the author of Time Machines, Annoying Minotaurs, and Other Childish Pursuits (2016), and Windmills (2019). His work can also be found in Star*Line, Trouvaille Review, CQ magazine, and The Whisky Blot.