The Starlight SciFaiku Review, Spring 2023 (issue #3)

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57. Poetry by petro c. k.

Drifting Endlessly

drifting endlessly
an astronaut’s
frozen scream

bioelectric pulse—
I grow another hand
to hold you

a star burns out . . .
I change
my travel plans

spreading gray . . .

textpocalypse . . .
writing to
old penpals

a new buzz
among the blossoms
robotic bees

the airlock opens
Rip van Winkle
2500 A.D.

What is it with Haiku Poets and the Moon?

— a rengay by petro c. k. & Jerome Berglund

summer moon
soon to have
more visitors

red son circles the earth
winding back clock, space race

moon visit redux
getting dusty
our first flag

scratched record orbiting
syncs up with Oz odyssey
dark side of the moon

longing again

lunar rock
should feed people here first
she interjects

petro c. k.

Petro C. K. is a temporal being living in the primordial emerald landscape of the Pacific Northwest. His creative life has just recently included writing, with haiku and other short-form poetry already published in over a dozen journals. In between bouts of existential dread and listening to music that 99% of people find too weird for them, he is working on his first collection of poetry.

Editor’s Note: See Jerome’s author bio on page 17.