The Starlight SciFaiku Review, Spring 2023 (issue #3)

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47. Poetry by Albert Schlaht

gliding between stars & other poems

gliding between stars
parents and offspring
migration route

out of a village
where men still fight over her
last woman

another pandemic—
this time only the aliens
are fewer now

with her tentacles around me—slow dancing

his first kill
photo taken on a hunting trip
to Earth

under twin moons
another hit into the stands—
extra innings

smoke rising
from barbecue
green tongues tasting

first bark
a hound urges forth its master
across the crater

sharing a pipe
a man and alien
beneath the stars

Albert Schlaht

Albert Schlaht resides in the Rockies where he works as a data analyst. In his spare time he absorbs cool mountain breezes, stimulating his imagination to release ink of a fairy blue, and at times, a black ink soaking up paper with words from the macabre or otherworldly. His poems have appeared in Shamrock Haiku, Presence, Scifaikuest, Copperfield Review, Tales from the Moonlit Path and Seashores Haiku Journal.