The Starlight SciFaiku Review, Spring 2023 (issue #3)

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67. From the Editor

About the Quintessential Science Fiction & Fantasy Quinary of Butterworth, Eggleton, Matthews, Pennington, & Suckling

Thank goodness for alphabetical order! Having been given the opportunity to present the work of Bob Eggleton, Rodney Mattews, Bruce Pennington, and Nigel Suckling, all in one place and at one time, plus presenting an interview with Michael Butterworth is a real honor for me and quite the noteworthy triumph of the possible for this magazine. Most importantly, it is a joy for the readers! As an editor, seeing a publishing project flourish vibrantly with the extraordinary work of extraordinary talents is truly a great feeling.

These gentlemen have accomplished much in their chosen fields of creative expression and l greatly value being able to celebrate their work in this literary journal. They have given generously of the fruits of their labor, a spirit of generosity that is very much appreciated — and remarkably uplifting. From time to time, I feel dismal about the human manifestation, but then I encounter people like these, with world-gripping inspiration and illuminative vision — and my faith in the human potential is exuberantly restored.

Without providing anything much in the way of details, I think that this is a good time to mention that work by Eggleton, Matthews, and Pennington will feature prominently in the debut issue of Worlds of If. As I mentioned to Nigel, the magazine reboot is a slow boat, but it is afloat. I’m genuinely thankful and absolutely overjoyed that these distinguished artists, luminaries in the great and colliding realms of science fiction and fantasy art, have made the decision to come aboard. This is a very exciting development and their contributions to the magazine will be a delight for all.

Enjoy the splendid art and the deep thoughts of this very fabulous five in this issue!

— The Editor