The Starlight SciFaiku Review, Spring 2023 (issue #3)

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51. Poetry by Jill Trade

one-way mission to Saturn & other poems

one-way mission to Saturn
his ashes fill
the Cassini Division

he watches his mom
open up a new galaxy
chicken and stars soup

casting a wide net
in search of the “big one”
I reel in Pisces

vacuum energy
clogged by my son’s
toy spaceship

little green man
self-luminous red teeth
line its inner jaws

robot assembly line
humans switch their bolts
for nuts

sitting in the dark
still dreaming of its
clawed proboscis

dot to dot
he maps out his dreams
in the stars

discovering HD1
new galaxy?
or a smudge
of cream cheese
on the dome?

Jill Trade

Jill Trade is a married mother of three boys. She is a trained meat cutter, cosmetologist and formerly worked in finance. She enjoys passing time at the playgrounds writing poetry while her boys run out their energy. Her poetry is published or forthcoming from Failed Haiku, The Starlight SciFaiku Review, Scifaikuest, The Flying Saucer Poetry Review, The Space Cadet Science Fiction Review and White Enso’s 2021 kaidankai.