The Starlight SciFaiku Review, Spring 2023 (issue #3)

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73. From the Editor

That’s a Wrap, Publishing Schedule, Deep Space Survival Math, More Art by Yours Truly & Cover Artist Bios

Thank you for being here! I hope that you have enjoyed the third issue of The Starlight SciFaiku Review. It has most certainly been a joy to put it all together for you.

Creative endeavors pull relentlessly as tractor beams on my imagination and from every direction, however, I must now further prioritize my efforts for best results.

I have no choice but to change the publishing schedule of the Starship Sloane family of magazines to that of irregular, which better reflects my personality, certainly, but these magazines have followed an irregular publishing schedule from the very beginning anyway and while that will continue to be the case, it will just become more so into the foreseeable future as this publishing house needs to shift its focus in the direction of some book projects and the rebooting of Worlds of If science fiction magazine. The debut issue of Dreadnought SF, an “optimistic future” literary project, is being pushed back for an indeterminate length of time.

As the next issues slowly roll out, they will be smaller, and the objective will be to establish a regular publishing schedule for them. At some point, I may also put together a League of Extraordinary Contributing and Guest Editors to take the reins and move things along. This approach worked wonderfully when Joshua St. Claire led the Poets Thirteen in their renku project (his idea) for the debut issue of The Lotus Tree Literary Review as a contributing editor. I have an insanely talented pool of candidates to discuss this with at some point in time.

Within this mix of projects, it is my goal to eventually get all issues of these magazines into PDF format for free downloads from the site. The webzine versions of each will stay in place, of course.

This is all simply the next step in the evolution and progression of this publishing house in accomplishing its objectives and in achieving long-term sustainability. So, no worries, if, for example, you see Duotrope change Starship Sloane’s listings to inactive because it does not follow prescribed timelines for publishing activity.

It has been a little over two years since the inception of this publishing venture! Time flies when you’re having fun. The inspiring work that we do together in producing these magazines is absolutely an honor for me and the work continues unabated! It will now just diverge ever-so-slightly to also follow another energy pathway in its expression: it’s a leafy new branch growing from the same vibrant tree of inspired imagination, creativity, and vision, nourished by the same root system, the same fertile soil, the same sweet rain, and the same bright sun.

So, please stay tuned!

Safe travels, children of the stars.

All the best,


I have become
I now am
the Psyclovius Man.

Deep Space Survival Math

The ship is 93 seconds away!
The creature is 114 seconds away!
The airlock takes 10 seconds to open and 10 seconds to close! An eternity!
Can’t think clearly! Can’t think!
Can I make it?!
How many seconds to spare?!

Front Cover Art | Michael Alan Alien | Artist Bio

Michael Alan Alien

Michael Alan, a.k.a. Michael Alan Alien, is a native New York City progressive multi-versatile artist, immersed in the fine art world, the underground street art movement, and creating ongoing performance art. Alien’s process of creation combines all three genres into a greater energetic whole. Artwork in progress is taken out onto the street, trains, and wherever Alien goes, absorbing, observing and channeling the energy of the city. The work is deeply philosophical and created in a meditative process of being in the moment and on the spot. Impressions of fragments of energy are melded into dynamic art that moves and pulsates with the energy of life. Alien reflects upon the universe and turns it into art. This signature style has developed since childhood, an outcome of trying to understand life, and that process continues to develop. Alien is a poetic documenter and an energy reader in the visual sense.

The fine artwork is a juxtaposition of harmonious opposites, produced by deep contemplation upon the origins and meaning of existence, yet fits into a narrative, complex world. Informed by the quick, gestural energy of street art and enhanced by fine details and a masterful use of color, Alien ties it all together with signature linework and a hallucinatory visual language built on codes, marks, overlays, gestures, lettering, and embedded visual elements. The technique involves using extremely fine tip pens, watercolor, spray paint, oil, pastels, pencils, ink, markers, and his own drawings used as collage. The work has been exhibited in over 30 solo exhibitions and has been collected by galleries and museums, celebrities, and institutions worldwide. 

The visual art is brought into the third dimension as Michael Alan creates wild, genre defying performances with his partner Jadda Cat. This ongoing performance art project “The Living Installation” transforms humans into unique living art objects, in galleries, on the streets, at iconic locations around the city, or at private spaces, often improvisational, fueled by the energy of their surroundings.

Alien has been conducting an anonymous iconic street art campaign for 33 years, painting purely for the act of painting rather than for the ego. It is true, raw, and punk in nature and exists for itself, and for the energy it feeds into the totality of Alien’s art. 

Michael Alan Alien was born in Bushwick, Brooklyn on the night of the great blackout and riot of 1977, foreshadowing future experiences witnessing all the chaos the city had to offer. Alien’s family had to move from borough to borough, facing the ongoing harsh realities of gentrification. A rough life, experiencing class inequality day to day, and working with disability helped develop his artistic toolbox. 

Alien came to culture early, running events and clubs around the city from the young age of 16 in the early ’90s, making close ties with street artists, legends, rappers, punk bands, and people from all walks of life, which has continued to this day. Alien ran shows at the Palladium, Club Expo, Sound Factory, Remote Lounge, The Pyramid Club, Michael Alan’s Playhouse. Alien drew everywhere, even at the clubs, which led the work to get noticed and show at major galleries in Chelsea and worldwide. 

Alien’s work advocates for constant creativity, disability and mental health awareness, equality, and acceptance. Alien maintains a rigorous work ethic despite enduring multiple medical conditions and disabilities. The artist has a deep passion for carrying the energy of old New York forward while simultaneously inventing new ways to create and install ways for the viewer to experience. The work fights for authentic experience and human connection as it asks you to slow down and zoom into paintings within paintings within paintings. Alien’s lifestyle brings the three-part circus into a full picture by painting daily everywhere he goes, alongside life partner and muse Jadda Cat, both in their hand-painted clothing and as a living work.

The work has been discussed in over 600 publications, books, and media sources, including the New York Times film and print, Vice, NBC’s Today Show, the New York Post, American Artist, Art 21, Art Forum, Art+Auction, GQ, Architectural Digest, Vogue, Marie Claire Italia, ArtNet News,The Huffington Post, Bomb Magazine, Frank 151, the Village Voice’s “Best in Show”, The Creator’s Project, The Gothamist, Time Out New York, Frame, Animal, Hyperallergic, Curbs and Stoops, Bust, NY Art News, FAD and many more.

In addition to work as a multimedia artist, Michael Alan Alien’s original music, which is recorded featuring artists such as MF Grimm, Arron Dilloway, Kenny Scharf, Tim “Love” Lee, Alien’s mom and dad, The Krays, Jello Biafra, The Residents, Tommy Ramone, Meredith Monk, The Boredoms, Ramsey Jones, Geneva Jacuzzi, Satellite Jones and so many more.

Here’s a link to the Wikipedia page about Michael.

Back Cover Art | Nigel Suckling | Artist Bio

Nigel Suckling

Nigel Suckling is the author of more than twenty books and a bestselling tarot card with guidebook set, The Dragon Tarot. He is the winner of a Hugo Award and has collaborated with some of the biggest names in science fiction and fantasy in creating biographical, literary and artistic genre masterpieces. Visit Nigel’s website for a magical expedition through the many decades of his splendid work.

Face of Interdimensional Shards by the editor

Cosmic Bodybuilder: Dorian “The Shadow” Yates

One of my very favorite professional bodybuilders, six-time Mr. Olympia, Dorian Yates, ushered in the new era of bodybuilding as the original “mass monster.” The b&w photos of him in a 1993 issue of Flex magazine changed bodybuilding forever and were an inspiration to me as I was training with weights at the time and wanted to go into professional wrestling under the tutelage of family friend Paul DeMarco, a former heavyweight world champion pro-wrestler who was going to be my manager.